Coincidence? I think not…

I do this shit for myself. I have this little blog where I write all this stuff down full well knowing that no one else in the world gives 2 shits. I want to write this down for myself in order to look back through time. I want to see myself evolve. Grow. Heal. Process.

My first blog post was from 3 years ago today – October 16th, 2017. I haven’t posted in almost exactly 1 year (I went into hibernation / survival mode when my husband was deployed). 3 years ago exactly I started my blog, and almost 1 year ago exactly was the last time I posted. A coincidence? I think not. October must just be a sPoOkY month!

—- 6 months later —-

I never ended up posting this. Ironic, I know, because the message sparks a flippant and cynical attitude. But I never hit ‘publish’, and I can’t remember why at this point in time. Hmm. Maybe I forgot. Maybe I got distracted. Or maybe, I don’t actual believe in the words I wrote earlier and subconsciously chose not to post. Regardless, I’m hitting publish today. I think its too cool of a coincidence, or a happen-stance, to not acknowledge in my journey as a writer.


One of my first interview questions for a job posed the question “When are you planning on getting published? What will you get published for?” As a 22 year old person, I botched this questions beyond repair. I sat in my car in the school parking of my alma-mater and cried because I knew I wasn’t getting that job. I thought I wouldn’t get a gig anywhere else, and I felt embarrassed because I had just blown it big time in front of people who I respected. Looking back now 4+ years later, I would have hated working in that culture of a school and work environment, but hindsight is 20/20.

Now, I would probably answer that question by claiming that I am already published: published on the world of the internet for every one and no one to see. Published for me, myself, and I, and maybe this stranger who could happen stance stumble upon this pile of shit blog.

Hi reader 🙂

I see you!

Just kidding. I don’t really see you. That would be weird.

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